Josephine Puget's Paintings

Mother of God of TihkvinWelcome to the French contemporary still life artist Josephine Puget's still life painting and religious icons pages.

Born in the 60's in south of France, Josephine Puget lives and works not far from French Riviera.

Josephine Puget's Byzantine Icons (fragments)
Mother of God of Vladimir

Josephine Puget is 15 years old when she discovers painting. After completing her studies, she regulary attends painting studio to improve knowledge of classical painting and byzantine icons with a russian iconographer.

Josephine Puget's subjects vary from classical still-lives to contemporary byzantine icons. Her still life floral and still life fruit on this website are oil on canvas and the russian icons are on panel. Her work has been presented in several exhibitions in France. Her paintings are appreciated and she received awards.

Josephine Puget shares time between painting and family. She proposes you to enter her interior world.

Hobby : play piano.

Josephine Puget Fine Art Paintings - Still life paintings - Religious icons
Languedoc Roussillon Méditérranée
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