Famous Religious Icons of Theotokos

The most famous byzantine icons of The Mother of God.

Mother of God Kardiotissa
Angelos Akotantos
XVth siècle, Greece

The Virgin of the Don
Theophanes the Greek
1392, Russia

Mother of God
Andrey Rublev
1408, Russia

Virgin Orans (Great Panagia)
début XIIIe Yaroslavl, Russie
 Tretyakov Gallery Moscow

Virgin Hodegetria of Smolensk
16th century Russia

The Virgin of the Tolga
1655 Yaroslavl, Russia
 Art MuseumYaroslavl

Mother of God of Vladimir
late 16th century

Virgin of Vladimir
early 18th century

Virgin of Kazan
17th century

Holy Virgin of Fedorov

Mother of God of Tikhvin

Mother of God of the Sign
17th Russia

Virgin Hodigitria
Dionisi 1482, Moscow school
Tretyakov Gallery Moscow

Virgin Enthroned with Child
Greece 16th century

Mother of God with Child
 Iveron Monastery
Mount Athos, Greece

Josephine Puget Fine Art Paintings - Still life paintings - Religious icons
Languedoc Roussillon Méditérranée
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